Monday, September 9, 2013


It's that time of year again. The time of year where you mow and get bonked in the head with apples. Of course, that also means you can mow and eat a fresh apple or two or three...

No Seriously. Here is the floor of my mower. They get under your feet, under the brake, drop in your lap, behind your's fun times mowing under our many apple trees. Lucky for us our neighbor will come over and collect some for apple juice and cider. And if you are unlucky like my kids, you get stuck helping.

Had to make a page up with the super cool apple treat box from THE CUTTING CAFE.You can see my cut polka-dotted embossed apples above. The nice part about this file is that you can use just the apple for a page embellishment. OR, you can make a treat box. OR, you can make both as many as you want! Now that is value! ;-)Also if you look really close you can see I cheated and used real stems for my apples....A stem is of course included in the cutting file, but I kinda messed up when I was cutting..and then got too lazy to go back and cut them again....AND, if you look really really close, you can see Lukey up in the tree where he is pretending to help pick apples.

Personally I am betting the one on the ground is picking more apples...

I did have a great sketch from over at ScrapFriends to help me. Used apples & hinges in place of numbers...

Those four strips looked like belts or strapping to me, so thought they would benefit from some hinges!

Lots of fun!

Have a great Monday! 


  1. Oh that is cool! Do you make apple chutney with your apples?

  2. this layout is BREATH TAKING....and i wish we had all those apple trees, my son is an apply lover...........truly is....your backyard is sooooooooooooo pretty

  3. Love this page. The apples are yummy, no pun intended.

  4. what a super layout!! Love the gorgeous design!

  5. That is a seriously fabulous take on the sketch.. I love the apples on the straps, and I would love fresh apples to eat when I mow.. we have mandarins that fall off our trees and the possums get them!!

  6. This is a fantastic LO! And your write up, with pics, made me laugh!

  7. Wow! You are TOTALLY rocking your scrapping ATM....those apples look DELISH...totally scrumptious ....& it looks fabulous with our SF sketch:):):) as always, LOOOVE it when you play along!!!!!!

  8. What a gorgeous creation! love it.


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