Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthday Diva Page for Bird is the Word and Sketchabilites

FIRSTLY, not all birthdays are created equal. But you knew that. I must digress first.

It's cold cold cold here. The fuel delivery truck came today. Normally I glare at his truck from my office window and think bad thoughts 'cause he leaves me this little yellow note that means I owe them big bucks. Today, I didn't glare, but I have been on feed the boiler every few hours duty so have to get up, out of my chair and trudge across the frozen tundra to the garage to pop wood into it's mouth which in turn saves me money.

The upside of all that is that I have to stop working and sometimes I forget to take a break. The downside is sometimes I forget to stop working and the darn thing is nearly out. Sigh.

I love the comments you guys leave about snow. We have just a sprinkling today but it's still crunchy as I trudge. And I'm really TRYING to love it as much as you guys do on my comments, but failing miserably.

The best way to enjoy snow in my book is from heated seats in a vehicle on a bright sunny day when the roads are clear and tunes are blaring. Just sayin'!

Yes, now I will get back to my scrapbook page above. Lexi made me breakfast. Do you see my clementine oranges arranged in a heart? And how about me in the page above toasting with cupcakes instead of wine?

Last year I moped on my birthday. I had a bad case of the grumpies. See, when your birthday is THAT close to Christmas, it gets morphed into something else. I told myself this year to not even plan anything or worry about it. I took it off Skype and my FB account so I could ignore.

I don't mind turning older. It seems the older I get the closer I feel like I might actually be getting a handle on life and how things really work. Wiser too maybe just a smidge?

So, when my friend Lisa who knew when it was posted it on my FB page, I was like OH NO!

She is not going to let me ignore it!

We had plans to go out. But, like I said, there is weather and life and all that, so until we actually got there, I wasn't going to get too worked up.

But, planets aligned and I had a great birthday! The kids spent about an hour in the kitchen putting dishes away and making breakfast. Then we put decorations away from Christmas and they did some chores, but no one complained. It was like aliens invaded their bodies. In reality, THE MAN gave them a stern talking to about not making Mommy mad on her birthday. We all know if Mommy isn't happy nobody is happy.

Then, THE MAN got home from a half day of work and we went to the ice skating rink so the kids could skate. We stopped and grabbed a fancy coffee so we could watch them with something warm in our hands.

Then, we stopped over at North Country Neighbors so I could browse for a few minutes.

Found a really cool silver mirror I LOVE! I will post photos of that soon! You can see a smidge of it in my cupcake photo above.

Then, back home to sit in the hot tub and then get ready for Lisa and her hubby to arrive.

We had a great meal out and ate cupcakes on the way.

So, with that PROMISE in my brain I made to myself last year and a fresh challenge up on Bird is Word , I was happy to participate.

Check out my journaling here.

A word that can be interpreted so many different ways....on one of my favorite challenge blogs.

Some of you who play along with Sketchabilities, might also recognize my layout. I am playing along to their Sketch #62.

It's a great sketch. I always love how my pages turn out when I use one of their designs!

 Here is an adorable birthday card I got from BFF Kristy! Isn't it adorable?

I think this is mostly Close to my Heart paper and I know that is one of their stamps. She colored it on with some kind of sparkly pen. It's hard to see all the itty bitty details, but it is very lovely!

And I got this little organizer from her too so I keep my jewelry safe when traveling. I love it! She must have noticed me cramming necklaces not so nicely into my overnight case one time when I was in PA.

And as far as birthday go? You just never do know how your day will turn out! ;-)


  1. oh a big Happy Birthday to you!! my birthday is in January too and i tend to not want any fuss.. so i am glad you enjoyed your day and now you have a wonderful layout to remember it by!!

  2. Glad you had such a fun day! I loveeeeeeeeee the cupcake paper/webster's papers split down the middle for your background! And sorry bout the snow comments....I grew up in NY and I really miss it... lol... of course, I never had to be the adult in it... just a carefree kid... so I would probably change my mind now! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. It was a lot of fun and the drive to Malone to pick up those cupcakes was totally worth it! Mark your calendar-mine is in March and I expect the same.........Anyway-I had a great time and I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Happy Birthday Mitra!

  4. Glad you like the jewelry holder. My favorite thing is the snappy ring holder. I was extra special careful to make your card with
    NO red or green. Cause it's your birthday and you deserve your own palette. So happy you enjoyed your day.

  5. Hppy birthday Dear
    and tks playing along at BI TW e skecthabilites

  6. Thanks for playing along at Bird is the Word AND Sketchabilities! Glad everyone ensured you had a fun day!!


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