Friday, January 6, 2012

Contrasts & My Contest

That Christmas party I went to for work right before Christmas involved a professional photographer. Well, Ok she goes to church where my boss goes to church and is related I think somehow. So don't be thinking we are all fancy smancy like that. She took pictures of us for the website. Here is mine. She fixed my hair, which makes her top notch. AND bonus, I don't have a double chin! GIGGLE! Lisa says I look like an old lady. That also makes me giggle. I am supposed to look professional I guess??? Well, I can't look SEXY which is a better word than's for our company website.....

 Here is a photo THE MAN took on my birthday.

See the tie dye at-shirt and ratty old sweatshirt? That is the real me minus fancy duds. The photo was because Lexi made lunch for us all. It wasn't REALLY fancy, just left overs but she made it and we made a huge deal about it. THE MAN stood on the chair to get the whole table in. She looks smug, don't you think?

The other day Lisa and I both read a post that we thought was funny from Bye Bye Pie.

She has this hot looking chicky girl on her skype and the boys I work with freak out that I have this model as a friend. I never break their hearts but always tell them how VERY close we are. ;-) Boys and their imaginations. ROLLING MY EYES.

So, who is YOUR inner you?  This is who I picked. This lady from Bones. I am only on the second season so don't get crazy. I might not like her when I catch up to the rest of the world.

I was going for smart and hot. Although she is pretty socially awkward in this show. Some days, I do feel a bit like that!!!

Alright alright I will stop torturing you with my photos!!

My give away....


Oh, thanks by the way for sharing this with everyone! I really enjoyed posting this for my birthday!

Lizzyc congrats! You are the winner!

Can you please e-mail me (it's on the side of my blog) with your addy!


  1. Loved this post full of bits & pieces! Great photo too!!

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  3. Oh Mitralee, i so understand! professional is SEXY! and Tie Dye! hehe :D i love listen to that song "Sexy and i know it" makes me crack up each time! i'm far from sexy but i really believe what you think is what you are.. So I dam sexy! even in my pink bunny slippers LOL! {HUGS}

  4. I am choosing Tina Fey. She is like a cross between janine Garafolo and Donna Reed.

  5. I am loving the photos!!! Toooooooooo fun!! And CONGRATS to Lizzy! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Yep, said it before, but I'm still hearing Trace Adkins..."one hot mamma.."
    Congratulations to Lizzy...WOO HOO!!!
    I will be taking photos of the room redo tomorrow and send you pics of kiddos room. ;)

  7. Too funny!!!!!!
    Congrats Lizzy!!!!!

  8. oh i love coming by here, so imagine my delight/surprise to see my name here! thank you so much!! i am off to email you!! keep up the gorgeous blog posts i love reading them!!

  9. Loved this little story it has left a smile on my face. I think it was most definitely a professional looking photo you looked gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it was a fun read.

  10. I think the photos of you are lovely. Both of them! Lexie does look very smug. How sweet of her!

    I love the girl from Bones. I'd like to be as smart as she is!

    Thank you so much for the comment on my She Art Girl.


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