Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ham and Mary Scrapbook Page & the topic of second marriages

Interestingly enough, I had this long conversation with Marilyn a few months back that pertains to my scrapbook page here.

We were discussing second marriages with kids and divorce. Since I only intend to have one marriage and that is with THE MAN, it was more hypothetical on my part. We were specifically discussing women who are able to bridge a gap when they marry into a marriage with someone who has children and even grandchildren.

Mary is Grandpa Ham's second wife.

At one point my Dad did the math and realized that Mary was married to Grandpa longer that his Mom.

Growing up, I had many grandparents as they had all remarried.

It made figuring out what to call everyone kinda dodgy. So, Mary was always Mary.

And, every year around Christmas she'd plan a dinner party just for us with present under the tree.

Now, being the second wife, it was always a bit odd I am sure for my Dad at least. But, as a good kid would, he wanted his Dad happy.

Grandpa Ham was a man of few words. The ones he didn't speak were usually spoken by Mary for him.

He usually presided over the event from his chair in the living room while a small grandchild poked and prodded at gifts under the tree.

If you look above, I am in most of the photos. In the top, that is my foot! See the edge of me poking gifts in the second photo?

Mary was usually cooking a fancy meal in the kitchen or serving up a cocktail.

Now as a big person I realize what an effort that is right around a busy time of year.

She didn't HAVE to have us over or make us a fancy dinner or those huge mounds of cookies.

She chose to. And that makes all the difference. And, when I pick Christmas cookies to make, they are from Mary's recipes. So, a kudos to her for bridging that remarrying gap at least for this grandchild.

On to my page, I have rambled enough!

I am participating in two challenges here.

One is up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge which is:

Even though this Christmas has now passed, our challenge this time is to scrap a Christmas memory from the past - a Christmas from your childhood – incorporate a photo, a memento or something or someone that represents that time for you, maybe use a photo of a gift you received !!!! If you do not celebrate Christmas – scrap a memory of another holiday that is special to you. 

It's pretty open ended. In fact, I didn't even use Christmas paper as you can see above. I used a sheet of some of the new Tim Holtz that my friend Lisa gave me and some butterflies from Marilyn. 

BUT, I am going to give you a LIST of what I used in two seconds for another challenge that is up on Irini's Get Creative blog. Here is her challenge:

I want to see 12 elements on your layout and I want a list
i.e everything is counted on your layout......

AND, I can honestly say with that in mind I stayed away from my paint and all that because when I get going  with making something elaborate, I'd be hard pressed to tell you what got put where and what it was from. It's more like a scrappin' snow storm.

So, here goes:

  1. Tim Holtz Crowded Attic Series back ground paper
  2. Black Cardstock from Close to My Heart
  3. K & Co. Designer Wild Saffron paper 
  4. Photos
  5. Three Butterflies from K & Co. purchased for me by Marilyn
  6. Three Banners made from scrap paper and inked up
  7. Yellow and Orange String from Stash looped through banner
  8. Blue Letters from Peppy Stickos from EK Success
  9. Two cream colored pearls from Recollections
  10. Two Brads from The Twelve Days of Christmas My Mind's Eye
  11. A manila folder from Scrap Essentials and JoAnne
  12. And a white tag my Mom gave me from her stash

Love my yellow inked up tag! And my banner. I put butterflies on my page as that reminds me of Mary. And  these blue letters that Shirley got remind me of embroidered names that go on flight jackets. Grandpa was an architect and pilot, so chose my paper to bring that out and also those letters.

If you get a chance to play along with either challenge, it's very rewarding. I feel as if I had quite the good thought process going on behind this page. And it was fun to list out my elements and use them up!

And, if you are bridging that gap for your family be it as difficult as it may be, kudos to you!


  1. Mitra - this is an awesome layout and a wonderful story! What a wonderful tribute to Mary!!! Love your banners and journalling especially. Thanks so much for playing along with another Freaking scrappy challenge ...

  2. What a sweet story! I loveeeeeeee the photos and loving the pennants!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. This turned out great, love the story, take care, Doreen x

  4. I'm loving this page!! Way to go Mary for bridging and what amazing recipes you now have too. Care to share any of them??? :D Something about lemon bread.....

  5. Mitra, what a great story and I can relate to it as both my parents remarried when I was young so we have quite a large extended family I always look back and think how difficult it must have been for the parents. Your layout is stunning and Mary is a real beauty. Great journalling and I can understand why this was such a rewarding and interesting challenge for you.


  6. Enjoyed the photos. The layout looks fantastic with those colors.

  7. Love the story behind the layout..I love the way you think about what you place on your layout! it and I have counted 12 hahahahah
    thanks so much for playing along

  8. Great story! great layout, thanks for playing along with get creative. channa

  9. Happy New Year Mitra! Lovely story behind your wonderful layout! Thank you so much for playing along at Get Creative!

  10. I just love your stories behind your pages. That is what this craft is all about so ramble on as much as you like. Fabulous photos and you have captured it all. Great take on the challenges and you have gorgeous hand writing.

  11. Touchy subject - second marriages - my kids have 2 sets of grandparents on one side & the newbies haven't done a great job bridging the gap LOL!! Love all your little details on your layout though nonetheless!!

  12. I love your layout, the colours are really great.

    Such a sweet story, thank you for sharing this with us!

    And thanks for playing with us at Get Creative!

  13. I love it, I love how your layout tells the story, I REALLY love how you have used certain embellies because it reminded YOU of your family! WTG, Thanks so much for playing along at another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

  14. Very cool layout love the pennants thanks for playing along at AFSC


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