Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wish Me Luck

Some hand building using a face mold, probably bff Patty's from college

So the other day I was wandered into the Liquor Store that is closest to the college where I spent four years of school hot in pursuit of a BS in Geology duo major in Anthropology. Back when things seemed so easy. Work hard at getting some good grades and graduate and get some amazing job. Right? Yeah, Ok, so it doesn't work like that really unless you either have amazing connections, luck or you are brilliant, but anyhow...lets not spoil it for the college going crowd just yet.

Anyhow, I spent a fast portion of those four years hidden away in the Ceramics Dept. A bad day meant more time there making it all go away.

The lady I bumped into looked VERY familiar. IN fact, I said: UM....the Brush Gallery?

And she said, oh! I remember you. Are you still doing clay?

It was the second time I ran into someone locally here I knew in college who asked the same thing.

I then said, no, not yet. I have all the stuff TO DO IT, but you know, kids, work, life....but I'm scrapbooking, which roughly translates to yes, I am still doing art.

I got a blank stare both times.

Which is fine.

We can debate scrapbooking as art later, perhaps WITH some wine. For the record, I'm on the side of sayin' it's art.

LOVED my art classes back in the day. But, I did know that likely I wouldn't be able to support myself doing art, which was why I had a double major in other things. I did have a portfolio, which is where I found a couple of photos here to scan for you. 

BUT, kids are a bit older these days and I do have everything I need, minus clay since it gets hard if you don't use it. AND, I'm back here in the land of college where people know how to do things I want to do. AND, if I don't actually USE my kick wheel and kiln, the THE MAN will throw a screaming fit on moving it AGAIN or wiring for it AGAIN.

Graduated in 1996 so I for sure need a brush up. IN fact, THE MAN reminded me every time I fire something it explodes. So, I need a brush up on that too so I don't create something only to have it turn to ceramic rubble.

Here are a few pots that I threw. No idea where any of this stuff is these days. I recall bringing loads of it home and having my Mom claim 90% of it. Good for her. The piece on the top is one of my favorites with green glass in the shells.

So, wish me luck! I'm off today to take a lesson from a potter. Whohooooh!


  1. They look great!! LOVE them!! And yep...I'm with your vote... scrappy=art! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. "90%" Wow, I must admit we do have a lot of ceramic creations left here when you moved out! They are well admired by many folks, and do reside at our house! I love them all, and keep them in 'good care' until the day they go back to you. Gretchen/ Mom/ 'lady who paid the college tuition'!

  3. Love the ceramic creations. Bet it will no time 'til you have new ones that are just as beautiful.

    Yeah, for sure, scrapping IS art.

  4. Ceramic rubble...LOL! Is there any other kind? What's that....they're supposed to hold stuff??? OHHHHHH!!!!!
    All your pots are really beautiful, but I'm very partial to the one on the left. I really like that ornate work in it and the colors are so warm.
    Hope to see pics soon of Mitra's day in art class!

    p.s. Your message was WONDERFUL. Thank you from me and mom!!! :D

  5. I'm definitely voting for scrapbooking as art! I think your creations are wonderful. I think it's great that your Mom treasured your pieces enough to keep them!

  6. wow.. you are an amazing potter.. these look wonderful!

  7. Your ceramic pieces are beautiful! I hope you enjoy your lessons so that you can rediscover something you loved and were obviously good at. And I definitely think what you do with scrapbooking is ART!

  8. Go girl... & good luck. Sure it'll all come real fast & you'll love it:):)

  9. Trying to catch up on all I've missed! Woot woot - can't wait to see what you come up with! Your past works look lovely! Sure it will be very fun and therapeutic. I always feel that the name "scrapbooking" really doesn't do justice to what is involved these days...


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