Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gifts Layout: Tim Holtz and Websters mixed?

So, I have this HUGE bag of paper and scraps from various Christmas projects. I attempted a Silhouette Advent Box too late in the season which did result in large pieces of it being used up, but then still left me with lots of scraps. I say attempted on the calendar as it was not finished and if I had allowed it to, being unfinished would have stressed me out.

It is on the list for January, but I have to figure out how to make it "mine" and less canned. I may go all Tim Holtz on it even. Which means the black color I sprayed it needs to get distressed. And, I need FEET! ;-) Love little feet on boxes and frames!

OHHHHH, maybe I'll get excited about it very soon. Magic is that mysterious thing that gets added to art in sprinkles and when it's missing....projects are simply no fun!

Regardless, in a futile effort to use up scraps I ended up making a quilt type of page. This page has at least three layers in places. And was ripped and torn a bit to make me happy. That sheet of Webster's Christmas paper has at least part of a home on this page and is pop dotted off my quilt squares.

My friend Lisa gave me this HUGE amount of Tim Holtz goodies to play with for my birthday so I ripped into them. The background paper which has a subtle wood grain you can see here is my base and is from Tim Holtz as it is the inspiration behind the tag on my page. I do seriously want to do the 12 Tags of Christmas next year. Or even just a couple. I succeeded in ONE tag and had the best time playing with small stuff. This one was from his first tag and I couldn't make it TOO 3D since it has to go in a scrapbook. Which means I left off the pine cones which I need to make at some point. Also, this tag was probably smaller because I had to fit it on my page.

In honor of the Tim Holtz fest I was having on this page, I also put my Picasa photo college through a grunge treatment in LoFi, so you can see the edges of the photo got grungy. You can see it best on THE MAN'S face. Giggle! He is wrapped up in a new blanket we got for our bed from my parents that I LOVE!

If anyone has questions on any of these techniques, let me know and I'll explain further.

So, something that is bothering me about this page is the lack of journaling. There isn't a lot to say except maybe who got them the gifts in the photos. I WISH I had thought to add text in Picasa before I printed this photo collage.

 Does anyone know if a white Copic will work to write on these photos? I'd like to add white journaling on my photos and a date on the page. I don't typically worry too much about dates on my pages since my pages go in sequential order in my normal scrapbooks and I add dates in now and again.

And, do you remember my earlier post where I talked about not wrapping any presents for my kids?

 I do hope you didn't think they had nothing to OPEN! This was just a photo of a few of the things that came in the door when my parents arrived on Christmas Day.

There was way more already around the tree that had already came in the door.

The kids are well "loved" spoiled by a variety of folks.

The scarf Lexi is wearing is a gift from Aunt Connie that I already have plans to "borrow" myself. Luke is holding a huge nerf gun that he got from Marilyn that launches disks into the second story of the house. Lexi is opening a box from Marilyn full of girl goodies.

I didn't take photos of everything. So many times I spent Christmas with my eye ball behind a camera and not focusing on the actual moment, so tried to only take photos for people not around to see see their cutie pie little faces!!

And, see that guy next to Lexi? That is Grandpa Bruce and he is my Sunday Story Writer. The pretty lady next to Lexi is Grandma Gretch and helps the Sunday Story writer by editing!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and got all the toys ink pads, paper, and embellishments you wanted!


  1. Sorry....but I was mesmerised by the pic with the snow outside.......I want sooooooooooooooome...have I whined loud enough??
    love the layout...I love what one can create with scraps!!!!

  2. So nice to see your work! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Your page looks great. I love how you used all the paper scraps. And look at all that snow out your window! OMG!!!

  4. Loveeeeeeeee that lo!! LOVING all the photos and the fussy cutting!! And I am not sure about the Copic... but several of my friends are teachers of Copic's.... and I know they tell me that they have to use their markers on certain paper to look/work correctly (and that's probably not the right way to say it.....) anyhoo... I don't think you can use them on photos.... :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. OMG its snowing outside, sorry am supposed to be commenting on your lovely page made with your scraps but then I got to the snow and it was all lost on me...lol. Beautiful work as always Mitra hope you and yours had loads of wonderful celebrations.

  6. Very pretty fassy cut page & the tag is awesome!!


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