Friday, January 13, 2012

Gingerbread House Page

The North Country constantly amazes me.

So, Lexi, Luke, BFF Paige and I ended up at this cool place in the middle of snowmobile country right before Christmas. Too bad there isn't much snow yet for the snowmobiles. THE MAN when was younger put in quite a bit of time on a sled and always mentions various places he visited as a kid. If this place was closer, it totally would have been on his Dad's radar for a lunch stop.

Referred to as "The Cedar" it is a fun little cozy bar. WHAT! I am taking my kids to a bar? No, nothing crazy like that. It was closed for our private party!

It has the best twisty beautiful road into it too. No cell phone coverage so you have to just BE and not play with your phone. VERY VERY difficult for me, but a glass of wine helps. 

Like any typical adventure here involving frosting, Lisa is involved.

She has invited 5 trillion little people and their parents to her sticky annual Gingerbread House Party and due to its size has to rent out a bar. She picked one of her favorite places to eat. I competely understood, once I tried the wings! She is peeking her head on the side of Lexi if you want to spot the infamous Lisa.

She is same girl who was laying on the floor at exercise class working on her abs telling everyone she is a Scrooge at Christmas time. So, I ask you. Do you think someone who spends most of the month of December buying every store out of Gingerbread House kits in St. Lawrence County is scrooge-like?

Here is a close up of my banners and letters. The little house is a Jolees and is strategically placed there so you can't see where I had a little glue slide-age. It's a technical term, but basically when you are working with paper letters and place them somewhere you don't want them you have to then get creative on where you want them to go yet cover up where you didn't.

I was trying to stick to only red, white and brown, but you can see my Jolees house introduced a few more colors.

Here is what inspired me! A lovely card made by Scrappy Rock Star Lisa from You Made Me Ink! I know, you are all sad I have one and you don't. Plus, mine is signed!

I may have mentioned that she had my address and that it would make a nice Christmas card for me after I spotted it on her blog. I am real subtle like that.

Here is my last knitted flower from Helen. I hope nobody thinks that means I'm askin' for more...Does it sound like it?? The doily that is off white is from Marilyn. Love them both together with a candy brad!

The party was amazing! We had trouble keeping our houses together, but I think we'll figure it out next year. It was the best party ever. I watched one little boy squirt the tube of frosting straight into his mouth...and it was a bit before anyone noticed he was not applying it to his house. I certainly wasn't going to stop him as I was too busy trying not to laugh. 

And the ride home was amazing! A beautiful sunset and a truck full of sticky kids smelling of candy and ginger! 


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee that lo and the card too!! LOVING the photos and the way you did the title on the lo!!! And loving all the little gingerbread men on both! Have a great weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Soooo cute. Love the colors, and your lettering. That Lisa is really something, what a fun activity. The gingerbread men add the right touch, along with that special flower. Well done, Mitra.

  3. I don't hate Christmas-I hate how people get so stressed out about it and go into debt or spend more than they can afford to. It's all too much. So, believe it or not, I have solved that problem for me with the Annual Gingerbread House Making Party. Well, as you can see I have outgrown my house and have chosen to take it on the road to my FAVORITE bar/restaurant. For me it's more of a restaurant than a bar since I'm not a big drinker, nothing against it, I'm just not into it, (except for New Years Eve, but that's a story for another day......or NOT! It was WAY fun and very little stress seeing how I got all of my gingerbread houses early early early. That's the key! Anyway-back to your page-You know I loved it, saw it at your house. Also loved loved loved the Chrstimas Card too. Shirley-you are welcome to come and hang with me and my gang anytime-all are welcome. KissKiss

  4. This is a fab cute and colourful page Mitra I love it. What a fun thing to do. I'll have to tell my daughter. Little Daisy was 8 last Poor Kid was heartbroken. Won't open now til March but they offered her a free party then. Thank you for your visits to my blog. Really appreciate it. Hugs xx

  5. It looks like half my post went missing then??? She was having a pool party at the local Leisure Centre but they had to close it due to a broken boiler. Just thought you might think I'd lost the plot there!!! Lol. Byee xx

  6. Love this one, you are so creative, take care, Doreen x

  7. Wow - what an amazing party that must have been - I would totally love that!! And I will deffo dig around and see where those flowers are at - I can send you more no problem! Loving the layout - there's a time for Jolee's and that was definitely one of them!!

  8. I agree with Lisa on the insanity of seeing people spend too much money. Maybe if they didn't start "selling" Christmas in July it wouldn't be as bad.
    Love your post Mitra!!! It really hasn't felt at all like Christmas here. Just got a dusting the other day, but nothing spectacular. Think I'll live vicariously through your wintery post and if we get dumped on real good, just might go put the lights back up and give the holidays another go. Minus the presents, just the lights and shimmers.

  9. Oh wow! Lovelovelove the layout! Just fabulous photos and love the pops of red and details! :)


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