Monday, January 9, 2012

Lemon Jello Cake and a Repurposed Box

Are you sick of Christmas crafts yet? SORRY!

I am in the post Christmas mode of getting some things done so next year I pull them out of storage and I'm all happy!! One project is repainting the rusty Christmas tree stand. No, I won't share. It's not THAT exciting, not like I am using some glittery super cool paint and modge podge. Nope, flat black will cover rust nicely.

This box here came from Lisa full of cookies.

I still plan on making a page about that soon. But, lack one key ingredient I need to pull it all together. A photo of her...oh wait...I know one I can grab.....

Anyhow, this box landed in my craft room and waited for me to pounce on it after the holidays were over.

I needed someplace nice to put something I made ages ago.

Kristy and I went to a scrappin' class on Market Street in Corning and we came home with this kraft house shaped book a few years back. I am thinking I made this around three years ago. I turned mine into a recipe book with some of my favorite recipes I make just at Christmas time. It saves a heap 'o time when you are trying to find that one special recipe you have to have.

Yes, blatantly used an image from Mary Engelbreit that I loved and printed it nice and big for my cover. I had a little calendar that had the image and I scanned it in. Of course, it was for the summer, hence the flowers on the front porch by the little girl so added snow to make up for it. I like to think the little girl on the porch lives in the North Country where one minute it's summer and the next it's snowing.

Here is page from the inside showing one of my favorite all time recipes, Lemon Bread is what we call it here. This is the one I was talking about the other day that Mary used to make.

Here it is here all typed out if you want to cut and paste it for yourself if you are a lemon freak like us.

      Lemon Jello Glaze Cake
               Grease cake pans and dust with flour

               1 pkg lemon cake mix   (I use Duncan Heinz)
               4 eggs
               1 small pkg lemon jello
               1/2 cup Wesson oil
               3/4 cup water
               Beat all ingredients together 4 minutes
               Bake in 2 loaf (bread) pans 350 degrees about 40 min.
               When done, remove from pan at once
               Poke holes all over top with handle end of teaspoon
               Spoon glaze over till all used up.
               Glaze:  11/2 cups sifted powdered sugar
                              Add 1/3 cup lemon juice (ReaLemon fine)
                              Mix well

Here is a close up of my box cover. I even made a tag for it! Too bad you can't see how pretty embossed it is. I will have to work on that. You can see the little snow flakes and pearls though and some extra snowy glittery paper I used on the bottom near more snowy glittery stuff on my pine tree bow near my pine cone!

I got the inspiration to make a tag from two places. One is a new Tag Blog I'd like to start playing along on called Tag Tuesday and the other is Berry71bleu who I have been following and stalking for at least 6 months. She is having a challenge that I plan on entering for this month.

And, here is a close up of my flower from Jolees that I inked up, spritzed with water, and added more glitter so it would fit with with my snow theme.

Love how it turned out! It matches that yellow behind Santa from another Mary Engelbreit image.

And, you can see a real good close up of the paint treatment I gave my box. It was plaid before. I added some gesso to turn it all while and then started adding color. Then, added a nice glossy coat of modge modge as a sealer with some round glitter. I thought it would be pretty. When I went to ink it up with some brown Stayzon, they took that ink making little "holes" that I LOVE! Makes me feel like if I was to try making faux wood I'd deliberately add them to get fake aged "worm holes" that some antiques have.

Thanks for hanging with me for one more Christmas post. I swear I only have a few more!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhh this is just fab! I loveeeeeeee that Santa, the pinecone...and I am LOVING the Mary image you used... I have always liked her stuff! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I can't BELIEVE that's the box that I sent you cookies in, it looks nothing like it. I'm sure everyone else recycled their box in the trash, you made a beautiful keepsake. It's amazing! Wish you would have posted a before and after picture.

  3. Does it count that I just recycled my boxes??? Why don't I ever think to keep my trash? What is wrong with me. :D

    AWESOME box, thanks for the recipe and yes, I agree with Lisa. You need to show before and after shots. what you do to things just blows my mind.

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous, I would make one lol but I am the worlds worst baker so no point!!!! Loving all the details, take care, Doreen x

  5. I absolutely LOVE this box, Mitra. I especially like that pinecone.(Still need to use mine that you gave me) I am for SURE trying that lemon cake.(Have a great Gluten Free lemon cake mix waiting to be used)

  6. This is totally beautiful - looove those snowflakes & the bg with the 'faux antique' look is AMAZING. I love that image from the calendar & am off to check out her blog. Thankyou:):)

  7. This is beautiful! I love all the snowy glitter ♥ - and that recipe has made me hungry - all I have here is banana bread but it will have to do!!


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