Monday, January 23, 2012

Light Page for the ScrapFit Simple Things Challenge

Did you ever notice that doilies from someplace else are exotic?

I mean, I imagine they must come in a package just like ours here of say 12 for super cheap but these that came to me all wrapped up special from Greece...yes, they basically were added to this page lickety split in a fit of love. IN fact, my hoarder nature caused me to actually cut one in half! Big thanks to Irini for my package of exotic scrappy treats! That little ticket in the corner is from her too!

I know!

I am crazy about doilies and happy mail!!

No more crazy for making a page about Light.

All day when it's not overcast I am bathed in light from the huge windows we have in the back of the house overlooking the meadow.

In the summer of course, that means I occasionally bake which prompts me to hole up some place with air conditioning.

The rest of the time, that means I'm enjoying the view. Having worked in various places, some of which didn't even HAVE windows, I'm not taking this gig I have for granted.

Light in winter is especially nice as I remember at the old house rolling down the driveway in the dark and rolling back up the driveway in the dark. Saturday am was always a shock when I saw how dirty and dusty things were because I had only looked at my house in the evening all week!

 Anyhow, the little bird cage rub-on had suffered a terrible accident and I only had half of it left to rub-on this page. It represents being caged up at work! ;-)

The background paper is from Tim Holtz and was also a gift from Lisa.

I kept this page pretty simple in going with the latest challenge over at ScrapFit. The chief lady over there is also a North County girl so I am betting she will totally agree with me when I say the sunsets and sunrises here are amazing! There is this blue that the sky gets that is out of this world. I have tried and tried to capture the sky, but photos cannot compare.

Oh and how did my clay class go on Saturday!? Amazing! I can almost feel a piece of my brain that was locked away starting to come alive. In fact, as I was falling asleep last night I was thinking about what I want my first project to be!


  1. Another great page, Mitra. You are right, pictures never capture the full beauty of a sunset or sunrise.
    Glad your ceramic class went well, I'll be down to watch you at some point.

  2. Enjoy the Light!- I watched a Zodaical light the other night ( a stream/ beam of light at sunset or sunrise that is gorgous as it goes UP), as I sat in the Walmart Parking- go figure! Even there, there is light!

  3. How fabulous!!! you have already put them to use LOL...the layout is gorgeous and nothing more uplifting than a house filled with natural light!
    cant wait to see what you create!

  4. What a beautiful page Mitra! I love the flowers, but the beautiful photos really make it special. I get a touch of depression in the Winter just because of the lack of light, so I totally understand what you mean about missing the light.

  5. HI.. this looks fabulous.. and yes i love doilleys too. and yes i cut them in half too... a great way to save!! always love reading your journalling too...!!

  6. Very pretty---I love those doilies too! Thanks for playing along with ScrapFIT!

  7. I have this vision of you on the back of the couch all curled up in the sunlight. It's a bit weird, but then again, I wouldn't be surprised if you actually admitted to it! Ha!

    Love the nice save on the 1/2 birdhouse. Edging it was a great idea. As for your doilies and paper and flowers....FABULOUS. Love the blend of all these elements so much.

  8. Beautiul page!Thnak you for playing along with ScrapFit!

  9. What wonderful photos you took! Glad you went against your nature and used your imported doilies. Thanks for sharing with ScrapFIT.

  10. That birdcage looks like no accident and I agree those doilies are exotic! Isn't Irini the sweetest? She is sending me a little scrappy treat too! Wonderful layout & I love the colours...

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  12. Such an amazing LO!! Your comments about the doilys are so funny!! It is gorgeous on this LO. Fabulous work salvaging your rub-on. I probably would have thrown it out. Now I know better. :-) Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings


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