Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ice and Sun: Sperr Park Scrap Pages by Kristy

Brrr! School is cancelled today. I love the fact I get an e-mail right in my inbox. Poor Lexi has to get up at 5:30, the same as me, and I checked my e-mail, wandered downstairs and told her to climb back in bed. She didn't even say anything but zombie walked back to her bedroom. Lucky Duck!

I decided to check my inbox after pushing open the front door and hearing the sound of ice breaking. Oh lovely. Freezing rain!!

Thought it might be appropriate to post a few pages I've been saving for when it was all winterish and I missed summer.

Look at the sun in them! Makes me feel all toasty! No, I won't look out the window to see how slow the cars are driving on the ice roads!!!

Love Kristy's handwriting and all the journaling she wrote. I know how busy she is, so it was extra precious to get two pages from when my kids hung with her this summer.

I am pretty sure this is the park I drove by on the way to work for years that now I'm wishing I had stopped in at. Never enough time, doesn't it seem?

How do you like her little inked up butterfly? Those are called Resistibles and are chip board pieces from Close to My Heart. They ink up nicely with a white resist that shows through. And I really love her rub-on. I really never can get them straight when I do them!

Thanks for enjoying her pages with me! I'm off to make hot coco and put ice melt on the steps! I am sure though with how fast life seems to be going these days, the sun and heat will be back before I know it!


  1. Thanks for the sunny page, makes me feel a little snuggly and warm. Kristy has a really cute page with some awesome kids. Love the butterfly.

  2. Love that sunny page after those icy photos! Now I need hot chocolate too - I am still freezing just thinking about you - bbrrrrr - don's know how you bear it?!?! Heating throughout?? and under the floors too???

  3. This page takes me back to a warm, sunny day with four happy kids. Actually, I was on the phone with you while the kids walked the park. :)


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