Saturday, January 7, 2012

Talking to the Universe

yes, I know I used the word UNIVERSE above. No, I am not sure if I have any readers of my blog from distant planets. That little Google map in blogger only shows EARTH. BUT, if there was Planet Paper I would sure love to hang there with all you scrappy crazy rock stars! And this pertains to my post, no worries. Just grab some coffee and hang with me, can you? oh pretty please?

Our Fearless Leader from exercise class has decided to start blogging. No I am not sharing her blog yet. Firstly, I haven't asked her and secondly I think she is still in the conceptual stage.

I realized last night while at a Pampered Chef Party (for you girls from various other places than here, it's a party where you go buy kitchen stuff and EAT...I had one ages ago and even made a page about it...I can't find the post but here is the photo)  that I just MAY be from another planet. 

So, was talking to Our Fearless Leader last night while munching on a huge plate of chicken wing dip about her new blog. Because, hey, I have done it since last Feb. which almost makes it a year and of course now I am an authority on all things blogging. (kidding!!!)

I realized I had just said:  And this girl I chat with from South Africa said....

And the room had gone silent. It IS possible I might have said it loudly. It was my second glass of wine.

However, I prefer to think people just thought I was nuts.

I mean, when you are REALLLLLLLY into something and it's not totally as main stream as you wish it have to turn to outside sources to get your "fix". So, Our Fearless Leader is into exercise. I think it's a bit more mainstream than paper....but still. How many times can you talk about abs to people who would prefer not to think about theirs? It is like talking about adhesive and the new line of paper you love from Glitz that is coming out soon....

So, blogging is addicting. There are people out there JUST LIKE YOU who love what you love. Maybe they love it a bit differently but some days they wear and eat glitter the same as you. 

It's about community too. Sharing your dreams, sharing your hopes, and sharing your failures.

So, I say, good luck to you O' Fearless Leader of the Cardio Fit Girls, sit back and enjoy the ride from your exercise ball. Who knows where it will take you! May you enjoy talking to the Universe. 


  1. That was certainly one of the nicest send offs I've ever read.
    Makes me think of the movie Monster's Inc..."Go ahead kid, go grow up!"

    Nice to know I'm not the only one digesting red dye #4 glitter. :D

  2. Thanks for coming, I had a GREAT time, it was way more fun than I thought it was going to be. Wish I would have taken pictures, it was so nice visiting with all my female peeps! Lisa M-I love Monsters Inc, I have it playing in my truck, I can't watch it from the drivers seat, but I do like to listen to it.

  3. thanks Mitra!!! I plan to sit down next weekend, which is my responsiblity free weekend :), and learn more about blogging and how I can make my blog more me! Thanks for your support and the nice works :)

  4. I mention peeps from around the world all the time... and I get looked at so funny!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeee your lo!! AWESOME flowers! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. I talk about my blog friends to everyone but I've learnt just to call them my friends & if they find out I'm referring to online friends & they ask if I've met them I just say YES - I believe that to be true - a meeting of hearts and minds - and way less confusing to those who have no concept of the relationships that can be formed online!!

  6. What a beautiful layout, Mitra, and I loved reading your post. Love the voice in your writing! :)

  7. My husband gives me 'the look' if I mention my overseas friends. Most of my other friends either blog or read blogs so they get it. maybe not the paper crafty side of things but still they tolerate my quirks.

    from the other side of the known universe (is australia..)xxx

  8. Hey there Mitra! Thanks for the comments on my blog :) The flowers for the book are Prima and Craft Queen, both available from
    Love this layout too by the way!!


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