Monday, January 16, 2012

Make Magic Everyday Inspiration Board

What a fun little project! LESSology has a challenge up for an Inspiration Board. 

Originally I had planned on making something similar for myself for this challenge. Had a quote picked out and everything. 

But, like projects sometimes do, it wandered off and had a mind of it's own!

None the less I was super pleased on how this turned out!

So, Saturday morning found me dying some ribbon. I have tons of white lace that is even old, but very boring. 

My typical process is to gather up a handful, throw it in a coffee filter (a new coffee pot means I have to use up the old filters that don't work with the new one anyhow), toss a bit of Ranger alcohol ink on it, and then spritz with rubbing alcohol and let dry. You can see a bit of it at the top of my clip board in green.

So, I had three different colors going on Sat. and by the afternoon it was all dry AND I had these beautiful coffee filters that needed to be used up. Grabbed a flower punch and starting punching out flowers.

Ended up with the three really pretty ones you can see below. It's not hard, basically I only cut out one size of flower, poked a hole through, added a brad, and then spritzed with a bit of water and crinkled. OH, and then added glitter much later. 

WELL, then these flowers needed a home.

I then painted a clip board with gesso and added some glimmermist.

Obviously waiting for it to dry was for wuuuuuussssssies, so I added all my bling with a hot glue gun while wet, including a new lovely piece of chip board all painted from Eye Candy Magic that Samantha designed and one of her buttons.

I had decided when I made the flowers that they would be something my daughter would love.

So, while making this little project I kept in mind I wanted to make her a piece of art for her locker.

Lexi confessed to me the other day that she wanted to be JUST LIKE a certain girl in her class that evidentally is good at singing, has amazing grades, and everything else she puts her mind to. It was one of those moments I have at least once a week as a parent where I don't feel qualified to have this conversation.

I mean, what do you say? Obviously this little girl IS amazing, but not MY amazing little girl. Which is exactly what I told her. She gave me the eyes which must mean she wasn't buyin' what I was sellin'. Obviously she knows I am biased.

I remember back to wanting hair like Vicky and green eyes like Erica when I was her age.

But at some point along the way of my life, I decided I didn't want to be like anyone else but Mommy to Lexi and Luke and wife to THE MAN and my flavor of Vanilla.

I am not sure at what point she will decide that she is content to just be her. And since I can't go to school with her and point out daily how amazing she is, I am hoping this little board reminds her.

She is the generation raised on Harry Potter, my child who gets in trouble for having her nose in a book instead of listening, and would rather wander around her castle in Wizard 101 than watch TV.

So, used words she'd understand.: make Magic everyday...

I think I saw a connection when I handed her this little board. A little spark of recognition in her eyes.


  1. Loveeeeee this! Loving how you did the base of it and loveeeeee those flowers! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology! :):):):):):)

  2. Amazing, love all the step by step instructions, great job, take care, Doreen x

  3. Wow! That glimmermisted background looks awesome! What a beautiful project! Love the blooms! :)

    Thank you so much for joining us at LESSology! :)

  4. Oh my word, this IS magic!!! What a stunningly gorgeous project! :)

  5. Of course your little girl is amazing!!!!!
    as is your clipboard...fabulous job!

  6. Oh so petty, love the colors and all those glitters, thanks for playing along with us at LESSology!

  7. WOw, this is so gorgeous! I love the gessoed and misted background and the dyed lace look so great. TFS!

  8. Wowza...this is so super gorgeous. Love the colors. Thanks for joining us at LESSology! :)

  9. I love it...awesome quote! Thanks for playing with us at LESSology!!!

  10. Wow this is wonderful! I could not tell it was a clip board at first. Really a wonderful project.

  11. Gorgeoua, love the sentiment!
    Thanks for playing!

  12. This is just gorgeous! Love the soft and dreamy feel to this, and LOVE that toadstool you used in the title. Thanks for playing along with us at LESSology. :)

  13. Love all that sparkle!!
    Thanks for playing with us at LESSology xx

  14. Totally cool clipboard and lovely story to go with it.

    This is the reason I came to your blog, BTW.


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