Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Garland for Use It Tuesday Challenge

Cropped this photo just special for all you people in warm places so you can see the contrast between indoor greenery and outdoor snow!! And, if you missed the post when we made these terrariums....

I was really taking the photo to show you guys this banner on my new grungy window frame....but cropped it so the outdoors would peep in!

So, was given two of these lovely white very old window frames back around Christmas. Had been trying to think of WHAT to do with them. I was torn between burning the frame in the wood stove and coming up with a plan to decorate it. Recently I spotted a post where someone used an old window minus the glass as a decorative piece with a banner. Of course, it was one of those blogs that I was randomly checking out and now can't find. I thought the concept was cool. Please, I beg you, if are you are reading this and have something similar to what I made here, let me know asap and I'll revise this post. I don't like not giving credit.

My intention WAS to keep my glass in however was I was a bit nervous about breaking it all out, the mess, etc. Plus, it was that pretty glass that is wavy and bumpy due to age. To prep my window frame I simply grabbed a steel bristled brush from the hubby used for cleaning rust off metal and started brushing off all the lose paint. This has the added affect of further distressing, if you like that look. Here is a close up for you so you can see the paint or lack there of on the frame.

While I was carefully brushing paint (PLEASE SEE BELOW ON MORE IMPORTANT TIPS) I realized that one of my glass pieces was cracked. I went to check it out further and realized that whole piece of glass was coming out since only the paint was holding it in.

Grabbed the huge outdoor garbage can, propped the frame over top of it and carefully smashed the glass inwards. Please wear safety glasses and be deliberate about where the glass shards are going. It was done in about five minutes and way easier than I anticipated. Having two I didn't feel as invested as I had a back up frame. And plus, there was always the wood stove should the whole project fail!

Next to make a banner.

While unpacking the Valentine's Day decorations, I realized that I had this old white banner from years ago. Vaguely remember having it hung somewhere. Thought the angels needed to come off, so cut them off carefully.

Then inked them up with some red & pink inkpads and spritzed with some homemade glimmermist, which was mostly alcohol with a little bit of some white shimmery paint. Yes, the whole thing is MESSY!!

I really like how they turned out once dry.

You never know when you start playing around with paint and alcohol how things will turn out exactly....

The flowers I added in between are some I had in my stash from The Mad Recycler to which I added some very bright green leaves and an extra pearl in the center of the flowers.

Of course, I had to spell out LOVE which involved cutting out one of the hearts to make it all work as far as spacing on the window and four letters. Had to add some bling to my paper letters in the form of roses, hearts and all that fun stuff!

I think I will link up this project with a challenge Irini was talking about on her blog for Use It Tuesday where their current challenge is all about love and using up your stash and to include a list of used items!

Heart Banner from Stash (10 years or Older)
Frame (donation and VERY OLD)
Flowers from The Mad Recycler and recycled book pages
Leaves from Recollections
Ink Pads from Close to My Heart
White Shimmer Paint from Close to My Heart
Paper letters from Scrap Stash (not sure what brand)
Ribbon Roses from Shirley
Heart Stickers from Stickos

You have 'til Feb. 3rd so a little bit of time if you want to go play along!

ADDING an important note in here regarding dealing with old items that possibly might have lead based paint:

These window frames most certainly HAVE lead based paint. They are super old. Thanks Dad for pointing that out and urging precaution. Here is what he suggests:

When you steel brush old paint be aware of the fact that it is PROBABLY lead-paint. Use goggles, a dust mask and disposable gloves and continually wipe down the dust you are generating with a wet rag. Collect and dispose of the gloves, rags and paint chips in your trash, don't leave it on the floor where it might be tracked back into the house. A message from your safety officer, aka Dad. 


  1. Wow, really charming. I especially like the pillow banner and how you inked it up. Creative project, Mitra.

  2. Absolutely stunning! So glad you joined us at UIT this week!!

  3. WOW WOW and WOW, this is so lovely. Great work mitra.

  4. Great idea with lots of thing used, and coming to a Lovely end! Gretchen

  5. That banner took a complete and total change! The white was pretty but I really like how the inking changed them to a country rustic red hue. Your banner is a perfect addition to that window. Nicely done Mitra. :)

    p.s. Thanks for the snow tease. Hope the mail has a wonderful surprise for me today!!!

  6. You blow me away with your creativity!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I had your patience and supplies hahahahahahaha
    thanks for playing with us at Use It Tuesday!!
    before I forget your tutorials are always so helpful!!!

  7. Wowzer ! great make over, what a stunning project love love love it, great photo too love the outside peeping in . Its freezing here in Greece to but none of the white stuff in the city i think its too cold.


  8. Looove this, specially the 'paper' flower in your close up. Great idea with the old window frame. Glad you didn't cut yourself:):)

  9. This is absolutely cute & charming - and I am in love with that old frame you have your banner hanging on - awesome...

  10. Mitra - this banner turned out beautifully! I love how the hearts turned out, and the addition of the flowers in between is lovely.


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