Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A concierge service?

Remember yesterday when I said I still needed to do a page about the cookies Lisa brought me right before Christmas? Just writing about it reminded me of this photo I have of her I liked that I could use. Plus, I got to break out the new kit I just got in the mail from Scraptastic called Button Box. I see that it's sold out. And I'm sorry it is too for you all.

I have been looking for a kit club for a while and have asked several bloggy friends one they recommend. Heather suggested this one. Now, if you don't mind, please go check out Heather's She Art before you read any further. Talk about amazing!!! It is made from the same kit and I'm IMPRESSED!

(I am SO thankful for you bloggy friends, btw. I so appreciate all the spice you add to my life!)

So, got this kit in the mail late last week and I wanted to rip into it right away. I was thrilled and amazed on how I liked EVERYTHING in it. Nice vintage feel to it all. And, typically I get really crazy with paper and layers, but the cream colored cardstock that had a nice texture made me stop and pause for a minute.

I thought I should go simple and enjoy the paper. Here is a close up of my journaling and a few other elements.

This little flower was included as was the two flags and cute little toothpicks. LOVE IT!

The twine and mist was not, but I am SURE you have that in your stash! The little button on the top of the tree came in the kit too, but the tree is from Kaisercraft and worked well with this not so traditional looking Christmas page just inked up with a stamp pad!

So, if you read my journaling above, you will see that Lisa texted me a question. She asked me what I was doing in an hour. Interestingly enough, you never can predict what she may want. She could have followed up that question by saying, I'm going to Big Lots in an hour, want to tag along..OR...going to Canada, up for a border crossing...OR want to drive to Malone to grab a cupcake?

You can't predict her, which is what is fun. Like the other day we were out and about and I was buying supper and the waitress asked me if I was using the credit card I found in the parking lot. Yes, Lisa put her up to it!! Or, the time we were in Malone and she told the lady fitting her for snow boots than I run a concierge business out of my home. Lisa didn't smile when she said it and her matter of fact serious tone about my work at home business sounded believable. The saleswoman didn't even bat an eye lash and said oh really in the nicest possible of way.

Of course, I was then inspired to play along and started adding details to her fib. I happened to be buying sexy heels for a Christmas party so it seemed believable. Now today writing that I am mortified. Can you see me blushing??

I have been thinking a lot about friends lately. Read this post out on Facebook the other day. Can't give you where it's from but it makes a lot of sense.

Stop spending time with the wrong people. – Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot. Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth. And remember, it’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that are your true friends.

Lisa certainly does not suck the happiness out of me...but adds to my over all well being. I have had friends in the past where I've either had to fight for a spot to be their friend or they would call and be miserable. I am all for helping someone when they are down and out, but 90% of the relationship cannot be me trying to cheer them up! It's too wearing.

It has gotten much easier for me to make difficult decisions regarding friends. People who are not good for me are not allowed to stay in my life. It was a turning point a few years back when I realized that just because you HAVE a friend doesn't mean you HAVE to keep them. You can in the most polite and reasonable kind of way end a bad relationship. And no, I don't mean posting hater comments on Facebook for the entire planet to see. I mean with dignity and respect.

As BFF Kristy always says, you need to look out for Pratt Inc. NO, that isn't the name of my fake concierge business. She means, what I hold near and dear, the family and even more specially myself. And friends that deliver cookies just when you need some? Yes, for sure are keepers!


  1. Loveeee this!! LOVING the photos, the misting and that tree is COOL!!!! So glad you have great friendships!! That sometimes is rare nowadays! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. That kit looks like fun! I like the simplicity of the page.

  3. I read your post with great interest and I agree wholeheartely , i too was growing tired of having the happiness sucked out of me by so called friends whose main purpose it seems was to try to make me as unhappy as they where. I would rather have a couple of very special friends rather a bunch of fake ones. Time is precious and I prefer to spend it with myself rather with someone a so called friend who can ruin my day. Anyways love your layout and journalling and it sounds like you friend is such fun to be around and adds a little spice to your life. Anyone who brings cookies must be a good person.


  4. I, the "Lisa" in this story, need to set a few things straight. Starting with the boot store in Malone, I told the very nice Ladies at IBC that you ran an ADULT phone concierge service from your home. Second, I told the waitress to tell you that your credit card was DECLINED and was not yours; you must have found it in the parking lot! (I do this a lot, so she knew instantly that it was me that told her this) as all the waitresses in the place gathered to watch her face, kinda like the old Candid Camera or Punked the newer version. Third, I did NOT deliver cookies to ALL my friends that would take a week, only a select few. I think all the rest is true, but I may need to re-read it to make sure. One of my life philosophies come from the TV show Home Improvement. When Tim best friend from high school came to visit the family, well they didn’t have much to talk about anymore; he was obnoxious and drove Jill crazy. So he goes and talk to Wilson about Jill not liking his best friend and Wilson said with all his wisdom: “Tim is he still your best friend or was he your best friend when you were in high school!” Of course, he grunted and realized just because he was your best friend when you were in high school-he may not be now. People change, circumstances change and your friends change. It’s all good and a good rule to live by!

  5. Great tribute to friendship & thanks for the Zumba link! Would love to try that myself when I'm a bit more in shape & not so large! Our gym here is full of absolute babes!!

  6. Hahahaha....love spontaneous reactions. :)
    Wonderful page Mitra. What did you use to make the blue cookie letters?


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