Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts

THE MAN calls me a brown noser. I think that is slightly rude of him, but sometimes when he talks, I just plain old don't listen! 

If you are reading this blog from parts other than the US, let me give you a definition so you don't have to google it since I am hopeful you all don't have this term in your country. Be thankful I didn't use the urban dictionary definition...though. 


  [broun-nohz]  Show IPA verb, -nosed,-nos·ing, noun Slang .
verb (used without object)
to curry favor; behave obsequiously.

So, teacher gifts to him fall into this category. In his simple man brain, by default teachers are doing a job, so why should they get extra gifts?

See? I knew you'd think he was just bein' a meanie. So, these people have my kids hostage captive  for HOURS every day. Sometimes I love having my kids for HOURS every day. Others, not so much. It depends on whether one is poking the other. 

Regardless, I can make them something for those times when my son looses his cool because he forgot his ice skates for gym and comes unglued. For the record, his teacher called me on both of my phones AND gave me her personal cell number and I was pretty sure someone was on their way to the hospital. It made listening to the person on one of my phones quite distracting while I was eagerly trying to get off and figure out how fast I had to drive and where. HOWEVER, I got his skates to him causing the planet to continue to turn and life was peachy. 

I think she either needs something chocolate OR something adorable. 

Hence four little heart shaped boxes! I made four because Lexi has an aide in her class. Luke had a student teacher for a bit, but not any more. Leaving him one extra box to give to a girl of his choice. I personally hope he picks the little girl on the bus who he insists sits with him and not the other way 'round. 

These boxes will be filled with special home made earrings made by Lexi. 

No photos of those, I can't give it all away! 

But, I can show you my process!

Bring out the cookie sheet!

Painted little boxes with gesso. These boxes are from Michaels and were perhaps a whole dollar. 

Let the gesso dry and then inked up the high spots and edges with ink pads. oh, you want a shot of the inkpads? They are not pretty...OH ok. 

These little work horse ink pads take the brunt of my dirty fingers and messy projects. 

And, here they are drying. After inking them up, I sprayed them with glimmermist, let that dry, and then used gloss modge podge over them to attach a doily and seal the colors.

Then decorate!

SORRY! I had to include this photo! I thought you might like a close up! Taking a picture ON a mirror requires an certain angle...

How do you like my mirror? It's a new find from North Country Neighbor. I'll introduce you formally at some point. Like, when it's actually hung and not floating around my craft room as a prop!


  1. LOL, I have just had the gesso and a heart box out on the craft table, but not quite the same you will have to wait and see. Love your idea and how nice to receive that from a student, I must admit we tend to receive gifts at Xmas and end of school year but every now and again we get a cake or a choc bar lets us know parents appreciate us! Loving this great project, enjoy the weekend, take care, Doreen x

  2. oh they are beautiful.. and for the record... we use that term brown-noser in Australia too!! or crawler is another word!!

  3. Love these little boxes. Your kid's teachers are VERY lucky. They will love them. Brown-nose, no I think not, just want to show your appreciation.

  4. Oh, I've learned a new word today...a crawler! LOL. I'm gonna file that one in the memory. ;)
    I thought it was food at first when I saw the thumbnail, but noooo, it's awesome teacher gifs..WOO HOO! Love those.
    I'm a fan of your versatile cookie sheet and that mirror has me in suspense!
    Great gift idea for great teachers.

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  6. These are amazing! They looks absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the brown-noser info - that's a new one to me!!

  7. Yes we use the term here in the UK too. Your little gifts are just darling and such a nice thought. Can't wait to see the mirror. Oh and I think the extra one should be presented to the best girl in your son's little world, YOU. xx

  8. Yeah, that word says it all, but I wouldn't listen either ~ it's a lovely gift:):) And crawling never hurt anyone... we all did it when we were babies!!!!

  9. Can I teach your children so I can get one of these?! :) On my latest blog post, I passed an award on to you...

  10. Yep new the brown noser term am obviously watching to many films ! Great gift ideas what lucky kids you have not to mention the teacher.Love the photo of the ink pads mine are even grosser than yours !!!



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