Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Photos from Friday and Sat.

Spent most of the end of last week either being iced in or snowed in. I mean, we COULD leave, but why bother when it's snowy and icky out. This is the view from my driveway on Friday just to show you how very gray it was. Where you see that power line and pole? That is the road. Kids were off school on Thursday AND Friday, which just goes to show you how bad it was.

They don't cancel school here for just a few flakes. I am guessing those dark spots at the top of this photo are actual snowflakes on my lens, although snowflake isn't the right word... they were more like snow clumps flying sideways.....

I felt like weather man standing out in my driveway. I love to watch them on the news in the middle of a hurricane trying to report on the weather as the wind whips around them. Of course I may be also yelling at them telling them to get out of the, with that in mind...

I only took a few photos since I was getting wet and more importantly the camera was getting wet!!

THE MAN and I went out for a ride on Sat. to survey the back trails on the razor. No, he's not a hobbit. It truly was and still is THAT cold where you don't want much exposed.

Here is the same view again, this time you can see the road. It's the calm after the storm!

Me:  So, do you think if we lived some place else we'd miss the snow? (said while dodging snow covered branches on our back trail)

Pratt:  Yeah, probably. That is all we know. We have grown up with winter.

 Here is a view of the old beaver pond on our property. It's iced over now, although I know the water is still flowing downstream.

Branches by the Beaver Pond. I thought they were pretty especially since we weren't trying to dodge them in the trail.

AND one last photo for Miss Lisa from Kansas. A Christmas tree covered in snow just for her!

Our ride was short because neither of us wore snow pants and we got a bit cold. Although, that didn't stop us from doing a couple of doughnuts in the driveway with the razor screaming and laughing like kids before we went in! 


  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures, what camera do you have? Love the snow, LOL, a flake only has to fall and the whole of London grinds to a halt, no snow for us so far, but that's what you call snow! Hope your nice and warm, crafting and drinking hot chocolate ooooohhhhhh wish I was there, have a great week my friend x

  2. Great photos, I would not be game to go anywhere in that weather although your little quad bike thingy (technical term I know..) looks like a lot of fun!!

    And congrats on the new DT position at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - had a feeling you might apply for that one - yay on a team together. x

  3. Freaking amazing photos......I am stunned I imagine you have a fabulously stacked pantry and a generator incase of an electricity blackout?!?!...hahahaha just curious...

  4. OMG. I know I said it last time but WOW, your photos are just amazing. You are a fabulous photographer and you have the greatest backdrop. You must get these pics onto pages. They are just spectacular.

  5. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm a bit jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm really frickin' jealous, I'm not jealous.....

    LOVE that tree! You picked the perfect one for me. :) Thank you!!

  6. Amazing...the mind boggles ...such beautiful photos...the last one with the hint of blue sky is superb...I just can't imagine living in that - not AT all!!! So beautiful but tricky too...

  7. Gorgeous snow photos!! I always loved the look of snow on branches. And snow in general in fact.


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